The Community's activities

The Dharma is transmitted within the community in several ways. It takes place in a spontaneous manner by the simple fact of living together, through the spiritual guidance given to the trainees and candidates for the three-year retreat and more formally through the regular public teachings. The lamas and druplas are also available for anyone who would like to have a personal interview. The different daily, weekly and monthly meditation practices and rituals are also open to anyone who is interested. In addition there are public courses which take place several times a year. These include some courses which are held in a small centre for lay people, "Karma Guepel Ling" at Croizet, not far from Le Bost.


The resident lamas and druplas of the monastic hermitages are also called upon to teach outside of the centre, in practice groups affiliated to our lineage in many different towns throughout Europe and the world, as well as at public conferences and inter-religious gatherings.

The community also offers lay people wishing to practice more intensively the possibility to undertake short, guided retreats. A hermitage situated next to the Karmapa's Temple is currently under construction. It will provide all the necessary conditions for approximately twenty visitors to carry out individual retreats. There are also a few rooms which are presently available in Laussedat for this type of retreat.


There are also a few rooms which are presently available in Laussedat for this type of retreat. Other important activities include the translation and publication of practice texts and commentaries, as well as the preservation of original Tibetan texts and teachings using digital technology.

The centre's Remembrance garden is an area of contemplation and prayer, where it is possible to conserve the ashes of the deceased in conditions which conform to the Buddhist tradition. The garden and its stupas act both as a support for the enlightenment of the deceased and a source of comfort for bereaved families.

Gendun Rinpoche, our spiritual guide, strongly emphasized the fact that Dhagpo Kundreul Ling's essential role is as a place destined for meditation and practice. It is through meditation that the practitioner develops openness of mind, compassion and wisdom, and in this way acquires a real capacity to work for the benefit of others.